Monday, May 8, 2017

Gift Certificates Are Easy

You haven't made up your mind about a gift yet have you?

> Flowers don't last very long.
> Plants are just something else to take care of.
> Anything with a size might have to be returned.

A gift certificate is perfect, and it's easy.

Ambiance Spa and Salon, Burnsville MN

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Sunday, April 23, 2017


I'm on several Social Media paths. One involves promoting the work I do at Ambiance Spa and Salon. Another is a health and wellness blog for The Carlisle Wellness Network.

Buying a car? I'd like tell you about my favorite dealership. Read my Car Buying article or just click the Short Survey in the menu and I'll hook you up with them. They are fabulous.

Looking for a new hair stylist? I'm a Certified Massage Therapist at Ambiance Spa and Salon, so I know our stylists do great work. You'll also get the best manicure, pedicure, facial and body wrap there. Check out the Spa Reviews.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Car Buying

I’ve wanted to write this since buying my car last year, but procrastination is a powerful drug. I was reminded to finish this article last week when one of the owners of the spa that I work at mentioned that her family was car shopping.

I immediately told her about my car buying experience. I’ve always hated shopping for cars because of the typical dealer runaround. First they get you interested in a car that you can barely afford then of course the sales guy that’s been working with you for a half hour can’t finish the deal without running the numbers by his supervisor. That guy manipulates the numbers and now you’re deciding on a completely different financial situation than when you walked into the dealership an hour ago.

That was my experience until I found my favorite dealership over ten years ago. There is no screwing around. A salesman will offer to help if you need it or they’ll just let you look around on your own and you come to them if you need help. You tell them what you can afford and the type of car you prefer and they find ones that match. And they really listen to me. When I say “this is what I can afford” they hear, cost of the vehicle plus cost of normal maintenance down the road. They DO NOT attempt to squeeze the last dollar out of my wallet. They’ve actually suggested that I not buy a particular car that I loved because the normal upkeep might be out of my range. Wow! What salesman prevents you from spending more.

Since discovering this dealer I’ve purchased three cars from them. This is not an advertisement, just an acknowledgement that there are great car dealers out there. The owner of my spa did buy a car there and her experience was exactly the same as mine. She hated the runaround other places offered and with my dealer it was a whole new and wonderful experience. They want you to be a customer for life so they treat you like a friend, a neighbor, almost like family.

If you are seriously shopping for a car check out my SHORT SURVEY.

Gift Certificates Are Easy

You haven't made up your mind about a gift yet have you? > Flowers don't last very long. > Plants are just something else...